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To increase your chances of being hired as a subcontractor, include details about your work categories, travel radius, and other relevant company information in your profile. This will help clients to find you and ensure that you only receive requests for proposals that align with your areas of expertise. Your profile will be listed on the Cosuno platform and in the online Construction Directory. You can update your profile information anytime.

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Find your next project on the Cosuno marketplace

Use the Cosuno marketplace to find bid packages that are relevant to you. Access all the necessary project information and submit your bid through Cosuno. This allows you to secure new clients and projects on your terms.

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Manage all bids in one place

Add external bid requests

On the Cosuno platform, you can see all bid requests and the appropriate message histories with construction partners and stakeholders. A transparent overview of all messages will help you to manage all bid requests in more efficient ways.

Share bid requests

With just one click, you can share bid requests with your construction partners. Monitor and keep a clear overview of all incoming and outgoing responses for a faster collaboration between all parties.

Simple communication during the awarding process

Message function

With the Cosuno platform, you can efficiently manage all communication relating to the tender process in one place. The integrated message function enables you to monitor messages, which makes it easier for all parties involved to collaborate effectively and efficiently.


On the Cosuno platform, you can easily edit addenda for any project and keep track of their status updates. Once created, construction partners are notified about the addenda and can take action promptly.

Certified software


"Once we booked a demo with Cosuno, we immediately realised that the software was what we needed. Within three days, we were able to manage the entire manual tendering and awarding process online with the Cosuno software."

Dennis Beckmann

Purchasing manager


J. Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG

"With Cosuno, we have professionalised our projects in individual bids and bid packages: Thanks to the number of qualified bids, we can minimise price risks and form new, long-term partnerships."

Alexander Knoop



SIB Capital

"It is a big relief not having to keep composing a new email, but being able to contact subcontractors easily."

Kim Brandes



Kondor Wessels

"More automation, more transparency, fewer manual processes and thus more time for essential tasks: efficient communication on a familiar basis with subcontractors."

Andreas Paul

Purchasing manager


Gebr. Neumann

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Would you like to learn more about Cosuno, or do you need technical support? Our experienced team will be happy to help you at any time and without obligation. We are usually available immediately.

Bastian Bornkessel

Sales Director

+49 (30) 896 778 739

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