Hey Dzheni! You started as a Full Stack Developer last month and we are glad to have you on board. How was your first month and what do you do on a normal day at Cosuno?

I am excited to be part of Cosuno and I learned a lot over the past month. During that period I met a lot of amazing people and was introduced to the business flow and details. I had the chance to implement my first features and architecture designs and got involved in many interesting topics. I was happy to spend most of my time coding with an emphasis on efficiency and good test coverage.

How did you actually become part of Cosuno and what did you do before?

During the years I worked in different companies, teams and I have used multiple tech-stacks. That includes building websites, implementing eCommerce shops features in the Salesforce ecosystem, and MERN stack development. What I mostly like about my job is creating software that makes people's lives easier. In the past, I worked mainly in bigger companies and for me joining an early-stage startup sounded like a great opportunity. When Cosuno was first introduced to me I was excited to learn more about a disruptive company with a good expansion plan. I am happy that I joined a hard-working team sharing the same goal - to make the best product on the market.

What has been your biggest challenge here at Cosuno yet?

Every start has its own challenges. I had to process a lot of information and get familiar with the product’s codebase. I started in a brand new team where I took part in establishing working processes and got to contribute ideas based on my prior experience. But I love challenges and I am enjoying my start at Cosuno (life is boring without challenges, right?).

Have you already had the chance to meet your colleagues in person or only remotely?

No, unfortunately, we couldn’t meet in person. However, I really liked the remote onboarding sessions and found them very efficient. Also, we have virtual daily team meetings so I always have the chance to talk with my teammates. I have experience working remotely so it wasn’t something new to me. But I will be really happy to meet my colleagues in person once the COVID situation gets better.

What is your favorite place to travel to?

I was definitely impressed by Prague’s old town architecture and beer, Amsterdam’s canals and flowers, Eiffel Tower, Neuschwanstein Castle, and many more. I believe every single country has many impressive things to offer so I don’t think I would ever have a favorite :).

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