Hey Lea, we are happy you joined us as a Talent Acquisition Manager last month! How was your first month and what do you do on a normal day at Cosuno?

The first month was super exciting. I got involved right from the start and am already taking on my own projects and doing interviews on my own.

Why Cosuno and what do you like most about it ?

Cosuno offers me the flexibility I need due to my private situation, without assuming that I neglect my work because of it. But I particularly like the growth and dynamism that prevails at Cosuno. Especially as a junior, I naturally want to learn a lot and contribute my ideas, and these opportunities are given to me, even expected. Everyone, whether intern, working student or junior, is treated and seen in the same way.

At Cosuno, everyone has the opportunity to either work from our Office or from home. Which one do you prefer ?

I work from home, in Düsseldorf. However, I have the possibility to work from anywhere.

And which advantages does working from home bring you?

I can integrate my hobbies, such as cooking during the lunch break or doing sports, into my everyday life. But above all, I can decide where I want to work at any time. I don't particularly like winter, so I was thinking about maybe flying to the south at the beginning of the year. I don't even have to ask if it would be okay. I can simply decide where I want to work, so my long-distance relationship is very compatible.

Christmas is approaching. Do you have any special plans for this year?

I will spend Christmas, like every year, with my family, which I am already looking forward to.

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