Hi Augustin! You are working in our Expansion team as a Sales Manager for France. What are your daily tasks and what do you love about your role?

My role is to develop the sales activities and make Cosuno known in France. Searching for new companies, presenting the solution and following-up with our future clients. I am also involved in the recruiting process as we are hiring a lot now.What I love about my role is the diversity of tasks I am doing and the responsibilities I have.

You are originally from France. Where are you currently working from?

I am originally from Connerré, a small town next to Le Mans. Since my studies I have traveled a lot in Europe and worked from a lot of different countries. Now I live in Cologne, a city that I really love and I will probably stay here for a while. I work in home office and was kind of afraid at the beginning but Cosuno organizes it very well so that all remote workers feel as integrated as the ones living in Berlin.

At Cosuno we have employees from many different countries. What is it like to work in such a culturally diverse team?

This is the main reason why I joined Cosuno. I love to work with different cultures and different kinds of people. We all work differently but our objectives are the same. Having the possibility to work on projects with people from different cultures is definitely an advantage for Cosuno as a company.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2022 and if yes what are they?

My resolution this year is to learn Polish as my fiancé is from Poland.

Ocean or mountains and why?

Ocean in Summer and mountains in winter. I love to ski,I go every year and I like the sun and swimming in the Ocean in summer.

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